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Jahrgang 2023 (2023), Ausgabe 43

Medieval and Early Modern Afterlives. Edited by Emma Depledge

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Volume 43 (2023) open-access

Front Matter

Front Matter open-access

Table of Contents

Table of Contents open-access

General Editor’s Preface

General Editor’s Preface open-access

Ina Habermann

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Acknowledgements open-access

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Introduction: Medieval and Early Modern Afterlives open-access

Emma Depledge, Katrin Rupp

Seite 11 - 27

A Rose both White and Red: Middle English and Tudor Memory open-access

David Matthews

Seite 29 - 46

Eve, Mary and Female Catholic Threat in John Dryden’s The State of Innocence and Fall of Man (1677) open-access

Honor Jackson

Seite 47 - 65

Tyrannical Powers: Representations of Tyranny in Milton open-access

David Loewenstein

Seite 67 - 91

The Veteran’s Body: Cry Havoc! and Recognising Disability in Shakespeare’s Histories open-access

Kyle Pivetti

Seite 93 - 110

Robin Hood and the Afterlife of Yeoman Values in Anthony Munday’s The Downfall of Robert, Earle of Huntington and The Death of Robert, Earle of Huntington open-access

Denis Renevey

Seite 111 - 129

Postdramatic Theatre and Pre-Theatrical Drama, What’s in a Name?: An Afterlife for Early British Drama open-access

Greg Walker

Seite 131 - 149

Authorial Afterlives in Women’s Conduct: Eliza Haywood’s The Wife and Edward Bysshe’s Art of English Poetry open-access

Erzsi Kukorelly

Seite 151 - 167

Keats’s Endymion and Elizabethan Minor Epic open-access

William Edwards

Seite 169 - 179

“poetticall raptures, and fixions”: Mary Wroth’s Negotiation of Early Modern Poetics and Ovid in the Urania open-access

Rahel Orgis

Seite 181 - 199

Queer Afterlives: The Old English Hero and the Scholarly Tradition open-access

Juliette Vuille

Seite 201 - 219

Digital Wizardry: The Afterlives of the Offstage open-access

Pascale Aebischer

Seite 221 - 241

Notes on Contributors

Notes on Contributors open-access

Seite 243 - 246

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